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Press Release September 20, 2023 | Sentry Health & MedWorks™ Revolutionize Healthcare

Sentry Health Joins Forces with MedWorks™ to Revolutionize Healthcare Accessibility

[TORONTO, September 20, 2023] – Sentry Health, a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with MedWorks™, the innovative health and wellness platform. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in delivering accessible, high-quality medical services to users of the MedWorks™ app. Sentry Health will offer a range of specialty assessments and virtual counseling sessions to enhance the well-being of MedWorks™ users.

Sentry Health's medical services on the MedWorks™ platform will include Men's and Women's Health Assessments, Preventative Health Programs, Specialty Services, and Assessments for Veterans and First Responders. These services are designed to provide users with comprehensive virtual assessments, education, and counseling to address their specific health needs.

MedWorks™, founded by George Barakat, is known for its patent-pending app that centralizes health and wellness services, making them easily accessible through smart devices. The MedWorks™ app offers features such easy access to a wide range of providers, coordinated care, and the convenience of a personalized healthcare coordinator named Maddy. It also rewards loyal customers with redeemable points for future services and healthcare-related products.

“I am absolutely thrilled to embark on this powerful partnership with Sentry Health, uniting to bring top-tier healthcare within reach of all. Our shared goal is to ensure that every individual has unfettered access to exceptional healthcare services, and through this collaborative endeavor, we take a significant stride toward achieving this mission," expressed George Barakat, CEO & Founder of MedWorks™”.

Mohammad Rahim, MD, Co-Founder & President of Sentry Health, shared his insights on the partnership: "We believe that preventative wellness is essential for overall health, and this partnership with MedWorks™ aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we can empower individuals to take control of their healthcare journey and prioritize their well-being."

To experience the future of healthcare and take advantage of Sentry Health's specialized medical services, users can follow these simple steps:

1. Visit or download the MedWorks™ app.

2. Create a personal health profile.

3. Choose desired services and schedule the first appointment.

As part of its ongoing growth strategy, MedWorks™ is actively seeking to expand its licensee network and partner with healthcare providers across diverse specialties. Interested parties can explore partnership opportunities by visiting Partner with MedWorks™.

About Sentry Health:

Sentry Health was founded on National Canadian Physician's Day with a focus on exceptional and uniform care for physicians, patients, and practitioners. The company leverages an integrated model that provides automated virtual comprehensive care, preventative health solutions, and lifestyle empowerment for practice management. For more information about Sentry Health please visit

About MedWorks™

MedWorks™ is a patent-pending app that brings together existing health and wellness services in one convenient platform, making them easily accessible through smart devices. Founded by George Barakat, MedWorks™ aims to empower individuals to prioritize preventative wellness and take control of their healthcare journey. For more information about MedWorks™, please visit

For More Information

Sentry Health

Mohammad Rahim, President

Phone: 647-530-9902

MedWorks Inc.

Jennifer Usher, CMO

Phone: 647-236-2027


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