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Discover the power of MedWorks™ SAAS Model today and elevate your healthcare & wellness business to new heights.

Unlock new possibilities for your business with MedWorks™ SAAS Model.

Streamline operations, expand reach,
and boost revenue. Our user-friendly
platform empowers seamless service
delivery, allowing customers to book
appointments directly with your brick-and mortar business. Choose from in-person,
at-home*, or virtual appointments, meeting your customers where they are.

Simplify management, engage customers, and provide exceptional care with MedWorks™.

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Streamline your operations, expand your reach, and boost your revenue.

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Streamline your operations,
expand your reach, and
boost your revenue.

Effortless Appointment Management

  • Users seamlessly book and manage appointments with an automated calendar system.

  • Automated calendar invites to clients and reminders, ensuring they never miss a scheduled session.

  • Enjoy an intuitive admin panel for easy management of available hours and scheduling.

Enhanced Client Communication

  • Engage with patients and clients through the built-in chat box, offering convenient real-time communication.

  • Reach out to your clients anytime, with messaging and services available at the touch of a button.

  • Geo-fence your location and patients to capture the markets you want, maximizing your reach and visibility.

Expand Your Business at Your Pace

  • Extend your services beyond the
    clinic with in-home visits* and virtual interactions.

  • Connect with clients through a built-in virtual platform, providing convenience and flexibility.

Accelerate your reach and captivate a wider audience with MedWorks™ Marketing Kit
— an invaluable resource designed to help grow the ecosystem across more consumers.
With our comprehensive support tools, you can unlock new opportunities to engage
and connect with your target market.

Here’s what you can expect from the MedWorks™ Marketing Kit:

In-Clinic Marketing Collateral with Custom QR Code:

Elevate your in-clinic marketing efforts with custom collateral that includes a unique QR code. This QR code enables you to track customer sign-ups and service usage, providing valuable insights into your marketing campaigns.

Ease of Sign-Up for Your Customers:

The MedWorks™ team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for all your customers. We understand the importance of simplifying the sign-up process, making it effortless for your customers to get started with

Digital Screens:

Enhance your marketing efforts with our digital screens, either by supporting your existing screens or providing new ones. Our high-quality digital screens can be strategically placed to capture the attention of your target audience, effectively promoting your services and
offers. Maximize the visibility of your brand and increase customer engagement
with the power of digital marketing.

Customer Email Deploys:

Benefit from six (6) strategically
crafted customer email deploys per
year. These emails are designed to
grab the attention of your audience,
promote your business, and drive
customer engagement. Leverage
the power of email marketing to stay
top-of-mind and foster long-lasting
relationships with your clients.

Push Notifications in App:

Reach the entire MedWorks™ customer base with six (6) push notifications delivered directly to their app. These notifications serve as a direct line of communication, enabling you to instantly capture their attention, promote special
offers or events, and drive customer actions. Maximize your visibility and engagement within the MedWorks™ ecosystem.

Focused Social Media Spotlights:

Stand out from the crowd with two (4)
focused social media spotlights that
highlight and showcase your business.
Our social media experts will curate

engaging content, including eye-catching visuals and compelling messages, to capture the interest of your target audience. Benefi t from increased brand exposure and drive traffic to your business through the power of social media marketing.

MedWorks™ Trusted Service Provider Stickers:

Boost customer trust and credibility
with MedWorks Trusted Service Provider Stickers for your business. Display these stickers proudly to showcase your affiliation with MedWorks™ and assure customers of your commitment to quality and excellence. MedWorks™ Marketing Kit is your all-in-one solution for effective marketing campaigns. We provide the tools, resources, and support you need to accelerate your marketing strategies and drive business growth. Stand out from the competition, capture your customers’ attention, and unlock the full potential of your business
with MedWorks™.


Meet Maddy

Healthcare &
Wellness Personal

Lisa, a busy professional, finds it
challenging to manage her healthcare and wellness needs amidst her hectic schedule. This virtual assistant takes care of all her healthcare and wellness needs, making appointments and
providing valuable recommendations
tailored to her preferences and goals.
Lisa is thrilled to have a reliable
partner who simplifies her healthcare
journey and ensures she receives the
best possible care.

Auto-Generated Appointments

Sophia, a working mom, appreciates
the time-saving benefits of autogenerated appointments. When
she needs to schedule a check-up
for her child, MedWorks’ system
automatically generates available
appointment slots based on the
provider’s availability. She can quickly
select a suitable time slot without
the hassle of back-and-forth
communication, ensuring a
smooth and efficient appointment
booking process.


Lola, a fitness enthusiast, loves
attending various workout classes
to stay active and healthy. With
MedWorks’ real-time scheduling
feature, she can effortlessly browse
through different personal training
studios, check availability, and book
her preferred sessions instantly.
The real-time updates ensure she
never misses an appointment,
making it easy for Lola to maintain
her active lifestyle.

Integrated Appointment Invites with iOS and Google

Andrew, a tech-savvy individual,
relies heavily on his digital calendar
to manage his busy schedule. With
MedWorks’ integrated appointment
invites, he receives notifications and
adds upcoming healthcare appointments seamlessly to his iOS and Google calendars. Andrew appreciates the convenience of having all his appointments organized in one place, allowing him to stay on top of his healthcare commitments effortlessly.

Geo Fencing
Store and Providers

Imagine Sarah, a nutritionist who
recently opened her private practice.
With MedWorks’ geo-fencing feature,
she can strategically target her
marketing efforts to reach potential
clients within a specific radius of her
location. By setting up a virtual fence
around her clinic, Sarah effectively
captures the attention of individuals
seeking nutritional guidance in her
local area. This powerful tool helps
Sarah maximize her reach, attract the
right audience, and grow her clientele.

Test and Email Auto-Generated Appointment Reminders

Emily, a forgetful but health-conscious individual, values the automatic reminders she receives from MedWorks™. Through text and email notifications, she never misses an important healthcare appointment. These gentle reminders ensure that Emily stays on track with her wellness journey, leading to improved consistency in her healthcare routine.

Telemedicine and Virtual Interaction Tools

Jake, a busy professional who
frequently travels, values the
convenience of virtual healthcare
services. With MedWorks’ telemedicine and virtual interaction tools, he can easily schedule online consultations with healthcare professionals. Jake can discuss his concerns, receive medical advice, and even have prescriptions sent directly to his local pharmacy—all from the comfort of his hotel room and regardless of his location.

Chat Box

James, a senior citizen, appreciates
the convenience of MedWorks’
built-in chat box. Whenever he
has questions about his medications,
dosage instructions, or general
health concerns, he can simply
open the chat box and receive
instant responses from healthcare
professionals. This feature gives
James peace of mind, knowing
that he can easily access professional
advice and guidance at his fingertips.

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MedWorks™ is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions. With a mission to empower service providers and enhance patient care, MedWorks™ offers cutting-edge software platforms that streamline operations and expand access to quality healthcare services.

To learn more about how MedWorks can revolutionize your business, visit or contact
Ali Mohamed at Let’s Get Started Today!

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