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Press Release March 26, 2024 | MedWorks™ Announces Strategic Partnership with Lyte Medical, Elevating Telemedicine Offerings

MedWorks™ Welcomes Lyte Medical as a Strategic Partner, Expanding Telemedicine Offerings

[Toronto, ON March 26, 2024]— MedWorks™, MedWorks™, a leading provider of comprehensive corporate health and wellness solutions, proudly announces its latest partnership with Lyte Medical, a leading telemedicine company based in Canada. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in accessible and patient-centric healthcare services.


Lyte Medical, renowned for its pioneering telehealth platform offering virtual primary healthcare services, has now become an esteemed partner of MedWorks™. This strategic alliance signifies MedWorks™' commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery, particularly in the realm of telemedicine.


Lyte Medical's comprehensive telehealth platform enables patients to access primary medical care, mental health services, specialist referrals, prescription management, and more — all from the comfort of their homes or offices. By leveraging telemedicine technology, Lyte Medical eliminates barriers such as long wait times and commutes, providing patients with timely and personalized care.


Experience Comprehensive Virtual Healthcare with Lyte Medical!


  • Virtual primary healthcare services offered from the comfort of your home or office by licensed medical doctors and nurse practitioners.

  • Whether it's acute or chronic care, mental health services, or specialist referrals, Lyte's telehealth practitioners are committed to improving your health outcomes.

  • Nearly all the same services as traditional in-person visits, including symptoms review, medication management, lab results, and prescription management.

  • The convenience and flexibility of using Lyte's telehealth platform from your mobile device, PC, or tablet eliminate wait times and commutes while ensuring personalized attention.


Gary Prihar, CEO & Co-Founder of Move Health Holdings Corp, the parent company of Lyte Medical, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with MedWorks™ as a strategic partner. This collaboration strengthens our mission to enhance healthcare accessibility and improve patient outcomes through innovative solutions."


This strategic partnership between MedWorks™ and Lyte Medical represents a significant step towards advancing telemedicine offerings and improving healthcare accessibility for communities across Canada.


George Barakat, CEO & Founder of MedWorks™, stated, "This partnership signifies a monumental step towards our shared vision of expanding healthcare access for all Canadians. By uniting with innovative partners like Lyte Medical, instant access to physicians Canada-wide is now a reality for Canadians, Employers, and their entire families. Together, we will revolutionize patient care, alleviating congestion and ensuring that every individual receives the timely and quality healthcare they deserve. This aligns perfectly with our new IAHP (Instant Access Healthcare Program), an excellent add-on to your committed corporate health programs. Healthcare and Wellness Services have never been easier to access with MedWorks scan and schedule QR Codes that direct a user to the services they want and need on demand.”


Greg Benson, CEO of Lyte Medical, added, "Our partnership with MedWorks™ is more than strategic; it's a commitment to breaking down the traditional barriers in healthcare. Together, we're not just enhancing telemedicine services; we're redefining what it means to have truly accessible healthcare. This is about ensuring that every Canadian, regardless of location or circumstance, has immediate access to high-quality medical care. It's an exciting step forward in our journey to bring comprehensive, patient-focused healthcare into the digital age."


The MedWorks™ app offers various features like easy access to a wide range of providers, coordinated care, unparalleled convenience, and a personalized coordinator.

The MedWorks™ app is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play (MedWorks Inc.) or via

Ready to experience the future of healthcare? Here are 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit or download the MedWorks™ app.

  2. Create your personal health profile.

  3. Choose your services and schedule your first appointment.

As part of its ongoing growth strategy, MedWorks™ is keen to expand its licensee network and healthcare providers across diverse specialties.

Interested parties can visit: to learn more


About MedWorks™:

Founded by George Barakat in 2021, MedWorks™ is a Canadian company committed to making health and wellness services more accessible. Its patent-pending app consolidates various services in one convenient location, empowering users to bring healthcare and wellness right to their doorstep or device. MedWorks™ collaborates with multiple global partners and care providers, making a tangible difference in the healthcare landscape. For more information, visit: 

For MedWorks™ inquiries, contact:

Jennifer Usher, CMO

Phone: 647-236-2027


About Lyte Medical

Founded in 2017, Lyte Medical is a leading telemedicine company in Canada. Lyte Medical delivers exceptional patient care nationwide, helping tens of thousands access primary medical care without the travel or wait. Through its comprehensive platform, patients benefit from various medical and mental health services, prescription management, and specialist referrals. For more information, please visit 


For Lyte Medical inquires, contact:

Gary Prihar, CEO & Co-Founder, Move Health Holdings Corp


Greg Benson, CEO, Lyte Medical


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