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Press Release October 5, 2023 | MedWorks™ Acquires MCI Corporate Health Services

MedWorks™ Expands Its Healthcare Footprint with Acquisition of MCI Medical Clinics Inc.

Corporate Health Services Division

{Toronto, ON October 5, 2023} - MedWorks™, a leading provider of comprehensive corporate health and wellness solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of MCI Medical Clinics Inc. Services Division (The MCI “Corporate Health Division”). This strategic move marks a significant step forward in MedWorks' mission to provide an all-encompassing healthcare and wellness experience, reinforcing its commitment to preventative wellness, employee retention, and delivering healthcare services through various channels.

MCI Medical Clinics Inc. Corporate Health Solutions has a rich legacy of aiding organizations in mitigating workplace risks and implementing best practices in corporate health and preventative programs. With a team boasting extensive clinical expertise in wellness, occupational health, and disability management, they have earned a stellar reputation for shaping cutting-edge, proactive, and evidence-based occupational medicine, rehabilitation, disability, and risk management programs.

MedWorks™ CEO & Founder, George Barakat, remarked, "This acquisition is a momentous leap forward for MedWorks™. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare and wellness solutions, and this acquisition allows us to strengthen our focus on preventative wellness and employee retention. Our expanded services, which now encompass At Home, In-Person, Onsite At Companies, and Virtual healthcare, will provide our clients with unprecedented access to comprehensive healthcare and wellness services, aligning perfectly with our mission to improve the well-being of employees and organizations."

The asset acquisition will bolster MedWorks' services across four key pillars:

  • Corporate Health: Enhancing MedWorks' ability to assist HR departments and organizations in proactively managing workplace risks and fostering a healthier workplace, convenient access to quality providers and services quickly.

  • Business to Partner: Strengthening partnerships with insurers, brokers, affiliates, occupational health care companies, to create tailored healthcare solutions.

  • International Students: Providing specialized healthcare solutions and support tailored to the unique needs of international students, ensuring access to physicians nationally while studying in Canada.

  • Nurse Practitioner Programs: Expanding key programs involving Nurse Practitioners to provide high-quality healthcare services. On site Vaccinations, covid testing, wellness support.

MedWorks is now uniquely positioned to provide an Omni Channel Healthcare and Wellness experience, allowing clients to access services that suit their specific needs, whether it's in the comfort of their homes, in-person visits, onsite at their workplaces, or through virtual consultations.

George Barakat further emphasized, "MedWorks is not just a company; it's a commitment to health and well-being. With this acquisition, we take a giant step towards creating a healthier, happier workforce and providing our clients with the flexibility they need in today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape."

As MedWorks embarks on this new journey, it remains steadfast in its dedication to improving the health and wellness of employees and organizations, one comprehensive healthcare solution at a time.

The MedWorks™ app offers various features like easy access to a wide range of providers, coordinated care, unparalleled convenience, and a personalized coordinator.

The MedWorks™ app is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play (MedWorks Inc.) or via

Ready to experience the future of healthcare? Here are 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit or download the MedWorks™ app.

  2. Create your personal health profile.

  3. Choose your services and schedule your first appointment.

As part of its ongoing growth strategy, MedWorks™ is keen to expand its licensee network and healthcare providers across diverse specialties. Interested parties can visit for partnership opportunities.

About MedWorks™

Founded by George Barakat in 2021, MedWorks™ is a Canadian company committed to making health and wellness services more accessible. Its patent-pending app consolidates various services in one convenient location, empowering users to bring healthcare and wellness right to their doorstep or device. MedWorks™ collaborates with multiple global partners and care providers, making a tangible difference in the healthcare landscape. For more information, visit:

For MedWorks™ inquiries, contact:

Jennifer Usher, CMO

Phone: 647-236-2027


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