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Press Release November 21, 2022 | Highmark Interactive & Medworks: Transforming On-Demand Healthcare

Highmark Interactive Announces New Partnership with Medworks, an Emerging Leader in On-Demand Healthcare

Toronto, ON/November 21, 2022/Highmark Interactive Inc. (TSXV:HMRK) (“Highmark”), a global leader in digital health technologies, announces a business update for a new strategic partnership. Highmark has signed a master service agreement with Medworks™ Inc.(“Medworks™”) to be their exclusive partner in providing brain and mental services through technology services and Highmark’s Partner Network (“HPN”). MedWorks™ is taking a unique and holistic approach to healthcare and wellness with a focus on convenience by harnessing the power and reach of technology. MedWorks™ provides available High-Quality Healthcare and Wellness options into the palm of your hand. It functions like many of the goods and grocery delivery apps we all use today. MedWorks™ puts you the user in the driver seat of your healthcare journey by shifting our focus from reactive Healthcare to preventative Wellness. MedWorks connects people to healthcare and wellness providers and coordinates these services to the comfort of their homes. The MedWorks™ app will be available for download on the Apple IOS & Google Play Stores November 30, 2022, under MedWorks Inc. Look for the red heart. Highmark offers Medworks™ a unique ability to provide rapid go-to-market support by leveraging its HPN and integrating Highmark technology directly into the Medworks™ workflow. Each Medworks™ customer is subscribed to our FDA cleared EQ Software technology platform for remote monitoring of neurological function.

Highmark is the exclusive partner in providing brain and mental health services to MedWorks™ customers, whether virtually or in person. The initial pilot program will begin this year with the goal of expanding to the US and outside of North America shortly thereafter. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, CEO of Highmark offers Medworks™ a unique ability to provide rapid go-to-market support by leveraging its HPN and integrating Highmark technology directly into the Medworks™ workflow. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, CEO of Highmark notes, “We are proud that of all the mentalhealth solutions available on Medworks™ recognized and selected the Highmark platform. We believe our technology and network will empower the Medworks™ team to save considerable time in going to market and providing data forward and excellence in patient care. We look forward to building on thispartnership for years to come.” “We are thrilled to be announcing this partnership with Highmark Interactive. Highmark’s strength as a global leader in the digital health technology market, will bring significant support and value to the MedWorks™ users. Providing Brain and Mental health services at your fingertips, will give users the ability to manage their family’s well-being consistently. MedWorks has the unique ability to provide convenient access to healthcare and wellness providers on demand and delivered into your home. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones, needs to become a lifestyle.” said George Barakat, Founder and CEO of MedWorks™. About Highmark Interactive

Highmark Interactive was created to change the paradigm of testing and management for brain and mental health. Highmark's approach is focused on providing real-time data to health providers to support proactive, preventative interventions and targeted care planning to improve health outcomes.

In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics. Highmark Interactive offers the world's first gamified, FDA cleared patient-led assessments as well as digital clinician-led assessments of neurofunction and balance. Together. The technology is used in more than 350 health organizations globally.

By unlocking insights, Highmark's platform enables precision medicine and creates a more contemporary model for delivering better outcomes in medical

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for

the adequacy or accuracy of this release."

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About MedWorks™ MedWorks™ is a patent pending App that empowers you to make health and wellness more accessible by bringing together services already out there and available today, in one convenient place. With MedWorks™, we bring healthcare and wellness to your door - or to your device. It’s as easy as just entering your address in a familiar goods or grocery app that you use today. Except with MedWorks™ high-quality Health and Wellness services will appear in your area or the area of a loved one. MedWorks. At Home Your Way, Every Day Founded by George Barakat in 2021, MedWorks™ is a Canadian company, that works with several global partners and care providers. Medworks. At Home. Your Way. Every Day. For more information visit: To download the App, visit the Apple Store, Google Play (MedWorks Inc.)

For further information: Highmark Interactive Inc. Sanjeev Sharma, President & CEO. or 1-855-969-5079 Investor Relations MedWorks Inc. George Barakat, Founder and CEO Jennifer Usher, CMO or 647-236-2027

SOURCE: Highmark Interactive Inc

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